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Mission deep educational trust is a non-profit organisation, which intends on providing education to unprivileged children as well as raise awareness and literacy among rural children. Mission deep not only ensures quality value-based education but also focuses on skill development for an all-around development of children.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” as truly said by Nelson Mandela, Mission Deep Organisation aims on making students self-dependent and emerge as responsible and good human beings. We wish to make this world to be happier place where there is an equal voice for girls, girlsoccupying important leadership roles,there is sense of sensitivity towards our society, environment and a mutual respect for everyone.


Our impact since 2007

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Harpreet Kaur

My name is Harpreet Kaur. I am student of Mission Deep.  I am came mission deep for study. Because my father remain ill most of time. That was why he does not work more and he does earn well. These days other school’s admission fees and monthly fees very high. And my father not able to pay my school fees and other expenditure. I came to know about Mission Deep and I came in Mission Deep.

Mission Deep Such a place where we can fulfill our dreams. We can also say Mission Deep is house of almighty.

Here we can learn a lot things. Like an English, harmonium, Tabla, Gatka, Sarangi, Taekwondo etc.  Mission Deep is a Mission to enlighten the dark corners of the world. This is place where students can take an academic knowledge as well as spiritual knowledge.

Harpreet Kaur

Komalpreet Kaur BA Final Student

I am Komalpreet kaur, student of Mission Deep. I joined Mission Deep in 2007, in 6th class. I hail from Mukandpur village. As per my family is economically weak, can’t afford me to continue my higher studies. When I was about to drop my studies. At this Mission Deep hold my hand and started paving my way towards success. And now I am perusing my B.A with Mission Deep’s efforts only and I am sure very soon. I will able to stand on my feet. Mission Deep is such platform, when I can fulfill my dreams. May mission progress by leaps and bounds with Almighty grace. His sangant’s support. My god give strength and his love to its convener S.Kamalpreet Singh ji it & entire crew. I would like to pay my gratitude to all who supports Mission Deep.

Komalpreet Kaur

BA Final Student

Gurbhej Singh

I am Gurbhej Singh. I am in Mission Deep in 2007.  I have one younger brother also. My mother was alone for our care. My mama ji came to know about Mission Deep. Then I had admission here. My mother was not able to provide us studies in good school. My maternal grandfather and grandmother support my mother housewife .When I come in Mission Deep , I was not good in studies because in old school I did exams  by cheating  only. But here I learn so many things. I had knowledge about many new things. I was very poor in English. I was afraid from it. But now I am doing English as my main subject.

Mission Deep is a great support for my dream. Mission Deep is giving us education about every  aspect of life. Mission Deep teaches us how to choose our ways in life.

Currently working as Raghi Jatha for our religious society .

Gurbhej Singh

Events of Mission Deep

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Welcome to Mission Deep please rise your hand

NGO Missiondeep is committed to providing education to the underprivileged and marginalised children with special focus on education of the girl child. Their Moto is not just to educate individuals but they intend to empower families by emphasising on women education. Despite so many hurdles and problems,the NGO is growing strong day by day. The staff and management is committed to towards nation’s progress by empowering the deprived and marginalised through education. I wish NGO Missiondeep the very best for all their endeavours.

Mission Deep : Mission to enlighten the dark corners of the world where light could not reach itself.


How We Are Transforming the Education Landscape

  • It is important to empower girls and education has a big role in making them self-reliant. When girls start becoming leaders, contribute equally towards the family income and become equal to boys in terms of literacy and wages; it would automatically shift the society towards their acceptance.
  • We, at Mission Deep are helping 500 underprivileged kids mostly girls, discover their potential through our ‘Mission Deep Public School’ initiative. In association with P.S.E.B. Mohali, we equip them with quality education, hard skills and values that will shape them holistically.
  • Our aim is to go beyond the traditional modes of education. We help our students grow through socio-emotional learning. Assisting them with emotional development, social interaction and even providing them with vocational training, we help girls become the best versions of themselves.
  • We train students of class 11th and 12th in skills like desktop publishing, computer foundations, cooking, block printing and stitching. In association with the National Institute of Open Schooling, we make our students employment-ready.
  • We focus on our students’ overall development by also teaching them English communication, presentation, public speaking and personality development.
  • By balancing worldly knowledge with ethics and values, we provide Punjab’s disadvantaged youth an opportunity to thrive despite adversity.

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