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Mission deep educational trust is a non-profit organisation, which intends on providing education to unprivileged children as well as raise awareness and literacy among rural children. Mission deep not only ensures quality value-based education but also focuses on skill development for an all-around development of children.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” as truly said by Nelson Mandela, Mission Deep Organisation aims on making students self-dependent and emerge as responsible and good human beings. We wish to make this world to be happier place where there is an equal voice for girls, girlsoccupying important leadership roles,there is sense of sensitivity towards our society, environment and a mutual respect for everyone.


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Introducing New Project 2024 - Mission Deep Trust

Second Chapter-Mission Deep
MIssion Deep-Second Chapter

By Waheguru Grace and with your support since 2007, Mission Deep’s journey from 17 students to 426 students has been pursued successfully until the present date. We are delighted to share that Mission Deep is receiving more applications for admissions, indicating that more daughters are eager to grasp the light of education.
However, much hard work still lies ahead to increase our capacity. Children require space to spread their wings and soar high.
To serve this purpose effectively, a land of 6000 sq. ft near village Jhanjoti, Ram Tirath Road, has been finalized with Almighty’s grace. Through this project, Mission Deep will have its own playground where daughters can play freely, and outdoor sports can be pursued. Additionally, We will be able to serve more students from BPL families and empower them , leaving a legacy of hope and progress for generations to come. Mission Deep Public School will obtain affiliation with PSEB, which we lacked due to space constraints.
Undoubtedly, this is a significant project that we could not envision without your support.
By contributing, you are not only investing in just bricks and mortar, you are donating in the potential to create lasting change and improve the lives of those we serve

SUNEHA DEEP- Mission Deep religious official  youtube channel,

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Suneha Deep Channel

GupShup Channel – Mission Deep

This channel is dedicated to the woman empowerment in which we are uploading every week a new success story of  entrepreneur  and hard working woman to encourage the society

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Collaboration with Ficci Flo
MIssion Deep AT G20
Collaboration with Ficci Flo

Mission Deep invited at G20 guest honored program at TAJ Amritsar 

Ficci Flo Amritsar has wonderful collaboration  with mission deep in which they invited Amitoz Gatka & Sports academy to perform a marshal art event and welcome the G20 guest in Amritsar Punjab.

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NGO Missiondeep is committed to providing education to the underprivileged and marginalised children with special focus on education of the girl child. Their Moto is not just to educate individuals but they intend to empower families by emphasising on women education. Despite so many hurdles and problems,the NGO is growing strong day by day. The staff and management is committed to towards nation’s progress by empowering the deprived and marginalised through education. I wish NGO Missiondeep the very best for all their endeavours.

Mission Deep : Mission to enlighten the dark corners of the world where light could not reach itself.


How We Are Transforming the Education Landscape