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Amitoz Gatka Academy

Amitoz Gatka Academy

Gatka or Adi shakti yoga is a martial art form that originated in Northwest Punjab in the 15th century. It was again revived in 1985 by the gatka federation. It is basically a martial art system that uses weapons and props to make a person fully equipped, physically and mentally so that he can protect himself and others. It also helps in unification of body with soul. It uses dance-like movements using different armors with each rhythm and step dedicated to the almighty through devotional music.


We at Mission Deep Educational Trust, provide training in gatka to our students. This art form not only develops skills, but also provides a sense of discipline and coordination among pupils. We here believe that physical and mental stamina is of utmost importance for a child’s development and upbringing. So, Gatka plays a vital role in realising such thought. Having said that, this art form has a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

Some of them are:
  • Focus Sharpening
  • Stamina Building
  • Physical Strengthening
  • Endurance Enhancement
  • Spiritual Awakening


All these benefits are emphasised by practising Gatka.

A lot of events are organised regularly to inculcate this martial art in daily life as it leads to self-discipline and self-control among the new generation. We push forward our Gatka team and sponsor their events in various cities. Recently, our team won the prize in an event in Jalandhar too. We believe in equality, hence, our girls’ team is also doing extremely well in their respective competitions and earning accolades in different parts of the state. Nowadays,  a 3% quota is reserved for children who excel in this special art form and thus can sponsor their higher education themselves.

Gatka is not only limited to the martial art system based in Punjab part of India, but also to   Scotland that  uses a defence system in which soldiers are taught close combat techniques similar to various forms of Gatka. Moreover, it helps in human fulfilment and enhances grace, making a person fearless and successful.

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