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English Communication and Personality Development training: (Project under name of ADL: Angrezi Da Langar)

English Communication and Personality Development training: (Project under name of ADL: Angrezi Da Langar)


Mission Deep Educational Trust helps a child to move away from the lanes of poverty and guide them for their future endeavours. Understanding the value of education and specifically ENGLISH as a language in terms of communication, various English-speaking courses and seminars are held in the institute. Here, the importance of English as a language in our day to day lives is made to acknowledge. Now, one may ask as to why is it so important? Well, a command in English overall has a lot of advantages, which include:

  1. Since it is one of the most common language spoken in the world, communication becomes easy at a global level
  2. Nowadays, job descriptions require fluency and grasp at English as a part of their work culture and programme.
  3. Trade and commerce becomes easy when interacting at an intercontinental level as this particular language has broken the barriers of communication and made the world a global village.
  4. Millions of books and articles are written in this dialect. Hence, a good grasp of the language provides a gateway to vast knowledge.
  5. A fine command in English makes a good impression on the listener as it is the demand of today’s entrepreneurial and academic world.

We at Mission Deep, provide children with basic to expert level coaching in English in terms of reading, writing and listening. With constant guidance and practice, our pupils are able to converse in grammatically correct English and can compete at par with any child studying from a good reputed English medium school. The main agenda of such seminars and classes is to inculcate a habit of conversing with fluency and command over the language as the benefits are manifold. A good communication skill takes a child to a higher altitude in terms of personality and makes him/her more confident, charismatic and learned. This in turn helps them reach greater milestones and achieve success early with comparatively less struggle.

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